new blog

May 8, 2011

i’ve decided to make a new blog, i think i started this one with the wrong intention, one of ranting and dishing and i don’t think i care to do that much anymore. pretty much i hate the reason i chose to blog on here, i don’t like the people i initially started blogging towards and i’m done with it, follow my new blog if you’re inclined to, i guarantee it’s a heck of a lot more fun than this.



May 4, 2011

i officially feel like it’s spring! it’s rainy and i’m in the mood for some serious change! things have been going great, i start work really soon, within the next couple of days and that means awesome store discounts, woo!! i’ve been home for a couple of weeks but i haven’t really unpacked, i’ve been putting it off and just moving from place to place. i figure that since i’m about to settle into the work schedule that i may as well face the inevitable and buckle down. it’s incredible how much dust can accumulate, it’s almost unnerving…the gigantic dog that sheds constantly doesn’t really help…but i have scoured top to bottom! i can breathe safely and freely!

i had to go in to work early today for a few hours to get some stuff settled (paid, don’t worry) but i didn’t sleep a wink last night. i kept thinking about all the projects i want to do and got myself all worked up. i have this desk in my barrie home that was my grandmothers, she kept it in her front porch next to this really neat old rotary phone and since then my sister tried to repurpose it when she was a teen, but that look doesn’t really work with my style and i’ve been dying to work on it. lucky me, i have it all planned out! it’s going to be a surprise, though. i’ll make a whole, long blog about it, i just have to wait until it’s not so miserable out, i prefer doing these things in my yard.

on thursday i hope to get some fabric for this chair i haven’t been able to afford to reupholster and to patch this really great flannel coat of neil’s that i can’t wait to see him back in, he looks great in it! next time i’m at work i also want to pick up some paint (no colour details yet!) and trim as well as hardware for the drawers of the desk and i might even be able to do a couple of things to this awful ikea wardrobe i have that i am just sick to death of. it’s hardly even worth the effort, but i know it still has a few good years in it so i’d rather make the most of them.

since i’ve been home, i’ve realized how much more storage i need. i’ve decluttered all my working surfaces, but my bookcase is so sad. i can’t fit a single other book on it, no exaggeration. i bought a few today, including steppenwolf (i’ve never read it, i have no one to blame but myself). i also picked up the heart of the matter by graham greene, i am still in awe of the power and the glory and such a sucker for penguin books, i can’t help but care about the cover art, i don’t think it means i care less about the work but i like when the two work together. i’ll include a picture cause i’m really excited about it.

mother’s day is this weekend and i have a few gifts planned, i hope she likes ’em! and dominican in 11 days, fun! also my big sister will be a married woman in two weeks to the day!! eee! i can’t wait and at the same time, i can’t believe it’s finally here! everything’s really exciting right now, i hope everyone else is doing swell!

good ol' penguin


April 25, 2011

well it’s been a hectic week and a bit, i feel like i haven’t stayed more than a night in any one place. that’s pretty untrue but i’m still feeling all the travel and car rides. on another note, it’s been delightful and completely worth it. i like being able to go from place to place and feel good and comfortable and happy, i’m not completely used to that but hey, there you have it. today i hung out and watched movies in bed and made tea and did a couple of things via phone so i’m feeling pretty lazy and i’m alright with that. today is ash’s birthday, it’s weird because we just celebrated easter last night and now we have to do family stuff all over again but i enjoy birthdays a lot and ash’s is a pretty damn important one. i made reservations at a restaurant for 6:30 so steve can definitely make it after work and i’m really looking forward to it, she wanted to go to this awesome hungarian place but it’s closed for easter monday and steve tried to talk her into a seafood place but she chose somewhere i can actually eat at so i’m stoked.

this weekend i went to neil’s parents’ house and it was great, erica and dan were there and their dogs are the best in the world, along with neil’s and his cat who is a total bad ass and the most lovable guy ever. neil and i went into town saturday and it was so beautiful out and he got me my easter present and a hair cute and it was awesome! i wish i had been able to go to his family get together but i had to get back for my family’s dinner, holidays are so hard and busy…in the really good way.

i guess the trip is coming up really quickly. ash started talking about what she had to do before then and it’s only a couple of weekends away. i feel completely unprepared, i haven’t even written a speech. i keep thinking that if i watch enough movies about getting married that i’ll eventually rip someone off and convince myself that it’s an original sentiment. i feel pressured, like how long is it supposed to be? when exactly are we supposed to say these things? does the best man go first or do i? i’m at a total loss, i think i just want to keep it short and probably more sentimental than entertaining or comedic. i’m not funny and that whole approach is too much pressure.

this weekend is nicole’s birthday in toronto and i’m really excited about it, i can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate the birth of an amazing girl. i also wanted to see jord this week and visit shannon and penny, i hope everyone’s around cause i miss too many people and i really want to see ’em. i’m going now to put some tea in a travel mug and get ash a card and some wrapping supplies but i hope i write again soon.


April 11, 2011

this semester is done. i don’t know how to feel right now, i’ve been a ball of stress for a month straight and i’m still really sleep deprived so it might be making me a bit numb but it’s actually over. i hope a lot of good came from all my efforts, i hope that i can continue working this hard on things and growing and figuring out what works best for me. i hope for a lot of things.

i’m moving back home on wednesday and i couldn’t be happier. i’ll be in toronto by the weekend but that’s not meant to go against the pro-barrie thoughts i was having a moment ago. i miss my dog. i miss him so much it’s ridiculous. he’s such a prissy little baby and whines a lot but my lord, do i ever miss him. i can’t wait till i can tell it’s actually summer, he’ll be in my bed whenever my parents leave for work. right now i don’t feel like summer, i don’t actually feel relieved or positive, i feel exhausted and like i just suffered through a trauma, it’s the oddest thing.

the whole time i was stressing about school my sister kept telling me to focus on the good, on the things that were about to come right after and now i finally can. i started talking about it last night with neil and i’m so excited for my sister’s wedding. i can’t tell you how excited i am for this. we picked out the excursions we want to go on, i don’t know if mine are in the majority but i think i could pressure my parents to come with me if people want to do something silly like dolphin hangouts or whatever. i’m excited to swim with the sting rays and nurse sharks, neil and i were in newmarket once and there was a huge tank and it said there was a nurse shark in it and i was nervous but then the tank was empty so i went to check out the beta fish (rest in peace, abner) and bam, there it was, a great ol’ nurse shark bottom feeding. it was so large and scared me to death, it was exciting and i can’t wait to snorkel with them!

my mom came up on the weekend to try and get me out of my stress state, it kind of worked  i think. i had a really awesome weekend, either way. we went to the farmer’s market (hello, spring!) and then winners to get vacation gear, out for lunch and then downtown for coffee and thrifting. we ended up going in this store that is the type i usually avoid but was feeling open and ended up getting a really great dress from. it’s lovely, i can’t say enough good about it. and it was only $30. it’ll be my fancy dress on the trip and it’s handmade and i love that…and flows so i can lift it and it sways so nicely. i can’t wait to show ash, i think she’ll really dig it. we went to the big church on the hill, it was open that day and mom had never actually been in there which is awful because it is so beautiful. i took some pictures, something i haven’t done in ages and got them developed that day. while we were on our way to blacks we passed people’s and mom found the perfect earrings for ash, they’re right up her alley, they’re classic and beautiful and so is she. she custom made her necklace for the wedding from steve’s parents’ 0ld wedding rings and i just can’t wait to see her in her dress with everything done, i’ll probably cry but when don’t i? back on topic, mom and i then went home to study and then i took her to the movies and bought us a pizza after and we had a slumber party. it was nice till i woke up in a panic attack and didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

this weekend neil and i are going to get sushi and he got a movie i’m excited to see with him and we should also cook something special to celebrate me not being such a stressful dink as well. i got our anniversary present and already told him what it was in case it wasn’t something he wanted and because i’m miserable at keeping surprises in. we’re going to see the tragically hip in bobcaygeon and i’ll drive and he can drink if he wants or not if he doesn’t and it’ll be a great day. i’m excited for another summer with him, it’ll be weird without his truck though. i’m not sure if he’ll find it as weird, but i kind of associate it with summer now. i’ll miss that lil’ guy. we went to the jays game the other weekend and i really want to go back, i actually really like baseball. i like that it has a history and isn’t trying to be super fast or flashy. neil gets the tickets and i get him a hot dog, it’s really worked out well, this summer is gonna be good!

i’m starving at present and i’m probably going to continue being a hermit for the rest of my time here, so i should probably be writing again soon. or not, i don’t want to pressure myself.


April 11, 2011

Dating a real man makes all the difference in the world.
I’m in love. Actual love. And it’s wonderful.

i came home

January 21, 2011

to get high off tempura.

January 19, 2011

the eggplant is gone! it’s been used into oblivion, well, actually its leftovers are in the kitchen but i made my first eggplant dish and i’m really excited.

it all began with eggplant which i sliced into 1/2″ thick slices. i then put the slices in egg and rolled them in bread crumbs and fried them up. i put them as a bottom layer in a casserole style of baked dish, covered the eggplant with spinach and two diced tomatoes and then put some crumbled feta, really great parmesan cheese and some swiss. then i baked them all together for half an hour and tada! it’s delicious!

i also made some cookies for dessert, i feel really full and accomplished. tomorrow night is veggie taco night, amy and i are going to take over the kitchen together and i think it’ll be delicious. tofurkey and swiss for lunch and then home to barrie on thursday. oh yeah…and school in the meantime…i guess.

i must get some more crafting done before assignments pile up and make some good journal time before a bath and bed. night!




January 14, 2011

lately neil and i have been cooking every meal together and it’s been so fun. we’ve done pastas and stir fry and zucchini on great sandwiches and neil learned how to make these incredible scrambled eggs. it’s been delicious and everyday i can’t wait to find out what’s gonna be my next meal. neil went home last night but today i think i’m gonna make eggplant chips and bake some pita bread with oil and seasoning for pita chips and hummus today.

school started up and this semester is gonna be a lot of work but when isn’t it, really. i’m mostly excited about my architecture class, i have jess in my class and she’s so great and the course is awesome so mondays and wednesdays are really looking great.

i got another hair cut and i want it to grow in a bit more, it’s a nice cut, just a lot of styling and i get so damn lazy about my hair considering i have less than 3″ of it on my head.

next weekend is mom’s birthday, i’m not sure where we’re going for it but i’m pretty excited to be going home, i already miss my family so much…and the puppies. mmm. i called ash last night but jersey shore was on and we both had to go to watch in shame. i feel like we haven’t talked in ages, same with my parents.

today jord and dave are coming down for the night and i’m beyond stoked. they’re driving me to toronto tomorrow and that’s great, too. i’m bringing a crock pot for the bathurst house because i don’t use it one bit. i’m pretty excited about this month, it’s busy but in a good way and the only thing that would make it any better is if i could go to neil’s parents’ house with him. i miss it! and his parents, his sister and dan and cash and paigey. guh!

it’s a nice day.


January 4, 2011

i’m feeling really lucky. not even just lately but for the past while. i’ll probably narrow it down to the past 8 and a half months or so. i don’t really think there’s much i could ask for in the new year, i only really want school to go well and for ashley and steve’s wedding to be everything they want. i’m trying a few new lifestyle changes, we’ll see how they go, and i think i’m getting back some perspective i had lost briefly while getting caught up in my own doings and happenings around me. i’m writing again on my own, i keep starting and then dropping it but neil’s parents got me this really terrific notebook that i love, i’ve already gone out and gotten a large matching planner because i can’t get enough of them. i just want to use it constantly, my father got me these pens that i now swear by and it’s all the incentive i need to get to jotting again.

for christmas i got spoiled with things that were very ‘me’ and i do hate that term but it’s all i’ve really got to explain it at the moment. for those of you who know me well, you know how much i love a good bath so ash and steve got me a wooden bath caddy, so it can hold a glass of wine, a book and some soap (i just use it for club soda but the options are exciting). neil got me this incredible set of books i’ve been drooling over for months and it was so thoughtful and i’m just so in love with him. my parents got me the nicest brie baker which i am so giddy about. these holidays have meant the world to me. i love when things are simple.

i am terribly sick at present, from kissing a sickie but it was worth it, i’m just tuckered out and going to go take a bath and drink tea and unwind. i hope everyone’s holidays were incredible and all the best in the new year.

never been so cold in my life

November 18, 2010

so, i did it
i cut all my hair off and didn’t feel a damn thing for the lost hair. it feels like my hair is in a constant ponytail but i’m sure i’ll get used to it. i got it done last saturday and now i’m pretty much over the whole “oh my god, your hair!” thing and am now adjusting to the freezing cold and lack of protection i have against it. i donated a foot of hair, braided. i feel pretty good about that, i just wish that could translate into a bunch of other aspects of my everyday life. i’m restless and bored, i’m kind of lost at the moment.

i think i’m feeling the pull of going from place to place every weekend. last weekend was my first time home in just over a month and i’m gonna go back this weekend, then next weekend is neil’s birthday celebration at his house and so i’ll go for that, as well. i feel like i’m constantly traveling to these places then only resting for a moment before going right back to guelph, and when i’m here i’m not even resting either. i hate bringing so many books with me, i hate reading this ethnography, i despise having so many midterms, the finals seem really pointless to me now. something is gonna have to change.

i should go make food and try and read as much as humanly possible and then email a prof. crap. here’s a picture of the new do.